Answers to your FAQs (and your Creative Business Dilemmas)

How can this site help my business?

As your one-stop business creative professional resource, we make it easy to find the talent you need. CreativesinDFW provides a comprehensive online catalogue of agencies and freelancers offering services from photography to digital marketing.

How does it help me as a creative professional or agency?

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time working, building your creative business, and perfecting your craft instead of networking? When you list your business or freelance specialty on the CreativesinDFW site, you’ll reach hundreds of businesses that are looking specifically for your skills.

Why this site?

Because the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is filled with talented creative professionals like yourself, it’s often difficult to reach those who need your services. That’s exactly why CreativesinDFW.com was established — to provide a comprehensive resource for local businesses to easily find the agency, freelancer, photographer, or printer that can best meet their needs, thus bringing you the clients your business needs to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Do I have to be a member of a particular association?

No. CreativesinDFW is simply a resource. Think of it like an old-fashioned community bulletin board where creative professionals promote their services and businesses come to find the help they need (a very big bulletin board).

How does it work?

All creative agencies, freelancers, photographers and printers are encouraged to post a listing, and at just $250/year for agencies and $75/year for freelancers, this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Creativesindfw.com is the only Web site of its kind in this market with comprehensive listings in each creative category. You do not have to be a member of any club or association to post a listing. This is simply a community resource whereby creative professionals specializing in a variety of fields can promote their services at incredibly low annual rates — and a convenient, one-stop shop for businesses needing these services.


How long has this site been around and how is it promoted?

The site launched on February 1, 2010, and by participating, your business can gain exposure just as the economy begins to rebound. Creativesindfw.com is heavily promoted throughout Dallas-Fort Worth, increasing exposure for your business. This includes an extensive media campaign and promotion with the Dallas Daybook; numerous creative non-profit groups; rotaries, chambers and Lion’s Clubs throughout DFW; e-blasts; direct mail enhanced SEO and many more outlets. The sooner you participate, the more exposure you will receive.


Enhanced exposure with Feature banners

There are a couple of ways to further increase your presence on the site beyond posting your business listing. The best way is to become a Featured Agency. Agencies can be featured on the home page, which is the prime location to be seen by everyone who enters the site, and/or on a category page where the business listing appears (advertising, brand, marketing, public relations, production and Web). Just five rotating agency feature opportunities are available on the home page for $200/month. Three feature opportunities are available per category page for $100/month and rotate as well. These are available on agency and freelancer category pages as well as on the printer and photographer pages.


Advertising opportunities

In addition, 10 advertising spots are available on CreativesinDFW.com. One banner ad will appear on each page, and will randomly rotate upon each refresh throughout the site. Advertising space starts at $200/month, with discounted rate packages for longer blocks of time.


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