Take a Dive Into the World of PPC

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a marketing tactic that both small and large businesses seek to take advantage of and place their brand names on the world’s digital map. In essence, PPC is a form of marketing where you pay a fee to the publisher each time your ad is clicked.

What is PPC?

PPC is a paid advertising model that belongs to search engine marketing (SEM). The advertiser pays to publisher a specific fee whenever users click on its ads. Basically, it means buying traffic to your website instead of creating organic traffic, which could take some time.

Search engine advertising through search engines like Google and Bing is the most common form of PPC. In this case, businesses and marketers are afforded a chance to make offers for the placement of ads in a search engine’s sponsored search results such that when an internet user searches for a keyword related to their business offering, their ad crops up.

Each time the ad is clicked, sending the user to the website, the advertiser pays a trivial fee to the search engine. Generally speaking, the average cost per click across all industries is $2.69, and companies can get up to $2 for every $1 invested in PPC.

PPC Infographic Stats and Marketing Trends for 2020

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